Life begins with you.
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Are you ready to move from no choice to what do I choose?
Are you ready to have a healthy relationship with your mind, breath, body and emotions?
Are you ready to develop conscious emotional intelligence and create conscious change in all your life?

Step into Your Empowered Self

  • Intuitive Readings
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Tailored Personal Programs
  • Corporate Wellbeing Programs

It is my honour to help support and guide you on your journey to living a fully empowered life.

I work with people to help them develop conscious emotional intelligence and conscious change in life, work, and relationships.

Self-limiting patterns and programs that create the restriction in our emotional and physical well-being can cloud our thinking and feeling and can confuse our judgements around day to day life.

I help people to reconnect with their emotions, minds and bodies in an intelligent and conscious way that creates new understanding and peace with past experiences as well as opening the gateway to more empowered feelings and choices in the present. This is done at a physical, mental and emotional level, as I combine bodywork methods such as yoga asana practices and energetic body healing with intuitive healings and counselling.

I also work with highly sensitive people to help them understand their gift, realize its potential and empower them to live with it in a balanced and healthy state, at all times and within all areas of life, be it personal, professional or social.


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Classes, Workshops & Events

Title Name
Yoga & Meditation Classes
Healing Hands Workshop
Personal Vision Quest fot 2018

Weekly classes to help you restore the natural balance in the mind, body, breathe and your being.

Classes are suitable for all levels, the aim is to learn to love your form and realise your true potential, as well as helping to ease away the stresses and tensions of the day.

Monday's 7pm to 8pm -
143 Beattie Street, Balmain

Wednesday's 7pm to 8pm
79 Johnston Street, Annandale
An experiential exploration on understanding your energy, sensitivity and that of others.

Healing Hands leads you to a place of more comfort and wisdom in the realms of energy, intuition and much more.

17th March 2018

267 Miller Street, North Sydney

So often we get caught up in the day to day living of life that we
forget what it is to be in the flow and be true to our hearts.

 It is an exciting and amazing opportunity to be allowing you this space and time to journey deep within, to trace the footsteps back to your hearts calling.

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Proof that it really works!

Bernadett - Interior Designer NSW
I have been working with Darshna for some time now and the things she managed to tap into are mindblowing. She has the ability to get to the core of my entangled, self-sabotaging belief system. Her carefully directed and phrased  questions guide me through  the process of  resolution.  I am forever grateful..... Thank you Darshna!

Warwick - Retired NSW
Darshna has been a wonderful yoga teacher for our dedicated group of students in the inner west over several years. She is and intuitive teacher and highly skilled in her teaching. Darshna guides us through our classes in a way that joins our yoga practice with daily life and its fundamental lessons. The classes are very  much a shared experience between teacher and students, connected through  the core of  yoga, engaging the group and its individuals  from lesson to lesson.
Vitality with flexibility and always something new.

Heather - NSW

I think you are a wonderful teacher Darshna.......I have tried to meditate before with no success......and perhaps I was more ready....but your guidance has been very important and I'm pleased to have participated in  your classes. I'd recommend your classes to anyone (and everyone - and infact have been!!)
I am generally a pretty relaxed person - but I was super relaxed afterwards.  It had been a rather tumultuous week for me but i went home feeling recharged!

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Personalized Sessions
Online Programs
Corporate Services

Sometimes in life we need a helping hand, one that can be there for a duration of time to help us transition. These programs have been created to provide ongoing support through transitions of the mind, body and life.
Easily accessable online tools that can help transform, nurture and balance.

The programs contain tools that can become life long friends, once they have been embodied you have access to them forever.

Taking yoga and meditation into the corporate environments, I create specialized programs to suit your company's needs, drawing from my personal corporate workplace experience, as well as the tools and wisdom of yoga & meditation.

Format may vary depending on whether you are looking to improve work welfare and relationships through contiounous sessions, or wish to give your team a boost with a one off team building event or workshop.

One off taster sessions are also available.
Tailored individual sessions, group sessions and health in the work place solutions are all a part of the offerings available, through yoga, meditation, yoga therapy, energetic healing techniques and intuitive counselling.

Formats of sessions vary and are very much in alignment with your present needs, they are designed to help you consciously empower yourself by, helping you creating emotional intelligence, and choice.
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