11th of November 2018

Temazcal Information

Where & When
Saturday 13th of October 2018
Time: 11am to 4:00pm
Location: Swami's Retreat Centre, 183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst
Price: $108

A Portal Within opens up to us as we begin some deep diving in November, with the New Moon in Scorpio just passed, Jupiter in Sagittarius in its home sign till December 2019 and Uranus retrograding back into Aries till March 2019 we are indeed seeing some huge shifts on our planet and within humanity.

11 is a master number and we are in an 11 year this year, it has been significant as it has been about Self Mastery, laying down old perceptions, out of date values, habits, addictions and seeing social change gaining its voice through the power of people awakening to themselves and their belief that they do have a voice.

On the 11th of November 2018, we get triple the vibration of the master number energy. Within this, we have an opportunity to explore the dualities that keep us stuck in old thinking and behaving patterns.

We have within this portal of energy a gateway open that is ripe for inner transformation, using the heat of ancient rocks, fire to transform, earth to ground and water to help us sweat and cleanse we can bring the gateway to life within each cell of our being.

Working together we can build a harmonic field of resonance that allows itself to grow and magnify in the potency of creating deep and meaningful change.

Working individually we set the seeds of new beginnings releasing us from fears and the past that have held us living smaller that we are meant to be living.

Finally, the 11:11:11 portal opens us up to more compassion, wisdom and higher vibrations of peace we could not ask for a better energy to help us with our own individual and collective transformations than this.

Coming together we will offer songs, meditations, silence and healing, a powerful combination combined with the energies of the directions to help guide us.

**Important Information**

If you have any medical conditions please contact Darshna before booking in.
What to Wear in the Temazcal:
Wear a sarong/swimmers and/or shorts and a t-shirt.

Please try to avoid wearing black and if you can please wear WHITE.
After the Temazcal
Please bring a towel and please ensure you have warm clothing, including something to cover your head, some socks and long sleeves/trousers. It gets cool in Kenthurst; after the Temezcal it is very important to stay warm and snug.
You will need to take all your jewellery off so if you have anything valuable leave it at home or in a safe place before you come into the Temazcal.
Places are strictly limited in the Temazcal so you must register and pay fully to reserve your place.



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Payment Plans available on request by contacting Darshna on +61414970979

Temazcal Testimonial:

❤️Thankyou for holding such a joyous & deep space at the sweat lodge ceremony. It was a beautiful, relaxed, deeply nourishing and flowing journey that you guided us all through. I feel so much more energised than I expected, haha we created space! I went to this with childhood fears of dark and claustrophobia these were simply shed with the connection to the healing space offered and my deep connection to the transformative element of the fire and rocks used in the ceremony. The meditation space you offered was out of this world thank-you for putting in so much energy and love into your work it was felt on so many levels.  Kyla NSW