Darshna Siva

About DarshnaSiva
Since I was a small child I have been very empathetic to people, places and energies, only then I didn't know what it was or, how it worked or even that it existed.
Today after having immersed myself in living, breathing and birthing transformation, I understand how it all plays out on our mental, emotional, physical and energetic plane.
Having had a diverse career in the corporate arena I stepped out and made a brave decision to follow my passion. This has led me to HERE, wanting to work with you in helping you move through the stepping stones of your transformation in your life, be it at work, in relationship, or within the mind or body. I would love to support you, with moving you into a more energised and connected self.
Here's my promise:

  • I fully embrace you as you are.
  • I fully walk my talk.
  • I fully commit to helping you shift perspective, embody your experiences and guide you back to your truth.


Here's what the real people have experienced and say about my work.

Werner M, Film Director NSW
“Darshna has an intuitive ability to pinpoint your issues. She doesn’t work only on your muscle structure, she works from the inside out - on your energy centres and your soul!”

Jennie M, NSW
Darshna has been an important part of my spiritual, physical and emotional journey for a great many years. Our weekly yoga group is a gathering of beautiful people who share the love of Darshna and her teachings.
Somehow, Darshna has an intuitive sense of what we all need in a yoga session, even if what she'd planned is not the path she takes.  Other times she will push the boundaries, we of course resist and then get swept along to release whatever was holding us tight…..Om….Namaste
Susan, NSW
Darshna is so lovely and accepting of us all.
She made everyone feel special and comfortable.
She is easy to talk to and very approachable. The perfect person to teach this course. - Breathe Beautifully Workshop