A Guide to Ancestral Healing

Karmic Clearing of patterns from our families, cultures and socities to help navigate the new way
We all have ancestors, these are those who have gone before us from our own lineages and cultures and those who have passed on within this lifetime they too become ancestors.
Each culture had some time in the calendar to acknowledge ancestors with rituals and ways of celebration for them, just as even today there are days in the year to celebrate the dead, this is ancestral worship.
In India families have ceremony around Pitru, Paksha in the month of Shradh is a 19 day period that allows people to give respect to those direct ancestors as well as the teachers and gurus who have contributed to society, spiritually etc. So, you can see its not something new in humanity to connect with ancestors.
Just as there are layers and layers of dense energy on this planet there is galactic light energy piercing through. With the planetary alignments of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn sharing the South Node we have karma coming up for some cleansing.

Before you roll your eyes feel into this, years of wars, marches,
take-overs, cleansing, religious out pouring, prejudice, anger,
dictatorships, manipulation, malice and separation are frequencies on
the airwaves that we can not see, yet we are so familiar with them that
we continue to feed them.


Through our fear, actions, words and interplays.

Karma = Cause and Affect through words, actions, thoughts etc. It’s also possible to be impacted by the karma of the land you live on as each part of the earth also has a karmic field where things have happened.

The call to cleanse our ancestral energies is getting louder as we are being asked to shift gears in the way we create and live, to carry the baggage and wounds of our ancestors is no longer an option.

To continue creating and fighting the wars of our ancestors is no longer and option.

To continue creating the separation and holding the grudges of our ancestors is no longer an option.

Thus doing ancestral healing allows us to undo the energy cords that keep us, our families near and extended, cultures and societies bound to stories that are no longer valid.
We each have the possibility to start this cleansing process and this can be done by ourselves as well as with facilitation with someone who had experience in how to work with the ancestors.
Ritual to honor can still continue, carry the load of the pain and anguish maybe diminished and even removed over time through these practices.

As each one of us walks towards cleansing we create a new vibrational field that is lighter and less dense in which to create and live.
It’s incredibly powerful to release ancestral energies that are holding us back from our true potential, keeping us in old patterning over generations, as well as breaking away from the conditioning that is keeping our imbalances and destructive regimes in place.
The vortexes of energies that pull us can’t impact us as much as they used to thus more freedom to create and choose how we live life.

As the current alignments are bringing into play powerful forces that are undoing every area of society the agitation of these vortexes is apparent, to allow yourself to unplug and heal allows you more freedom from which to choose your life ways from.
As the old energies lessen we have the opportunity to lighten, to allow us to tap into higher sources. Healing is a natural part of this planet as well as ourselves, this is one more rung of the ladder than can actually help us leap to some amazing changes with more empowered, compassionate and holistic ways.

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