A Guide to Calming The Nervous System

Based on the ancient science of Yoga and Meditation
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Easy Sitting Pose
Start with either sitting on a chair or on the floor in an easy crossed legged position, palms facing up, start to watch the flow of your breath. In either position, you can place something under your sit bones to bring comfort and length to the spine.
Childs Pose
Kneeling, you can place a blanket under your knees and ankles to bring more stability and comfort, lean forward and stretch the arms out if the forehead touches the earth rest it there, if not place a towel or blanket so that it can rest.
Have a slight bend in the elbows to release shoulder tension.
If you can bring the palms together in prayer position.
Simply observe the breath as you inhale and exhale.

Supported Reclining Butterfly Pose
Place a bolster or a couple of blankets underneath the spine.
Place something under the head to support and elevate it a little.
Lying back open the shoulders by releasing the arms away from the hips.
Open the legs and bend at the knees, for those that can you can allow the soles of feet to touch.
For those that can't just allow the heels to touch.
To make it even more comfortable place something under the knees as added support.
Cover the eyes with a scarf.
Observe your inhale and exhale.
Relaxation Pose
Place a blanket on the floor under your lower back and one for your neck.
Lie down and place the knees on the chair or sofa.
Ensure the lower back and neck feel completely supported.
For extra comfort place a blanket over you.
Have the arms slightly away from the hips and let the hands lie open or slightly curled in.
For added benefit place something over the eyes to block out the light.
You can use some soothing meditation music to help calm and zone out.
Or, you can simply tune into your breathing and watch the inhale and exhale with a very soft internal gaze.