Corporate Yoga
Corporate Yoga
With a personal history of working in corporate environment I have an understanding of the stresses and strains which may be involved in the work/life balance. Using my knowledge and wisdom I bring in a yoga that is real and suitable for the workplace.

Working with the ancient techniques in our modern environment requires a specialized knowing. Corporate Yoga is a balanced practice to move the body out of its inertia to allow a flow of energy, clarity and creativity.

Added to the physical practice are breath and visualization as well as restorative relaxation to help reduce the symptoms of stress, and to allow the body's own unique healing capabilities to kick in.

Each session is geared to hit the right spot and create a mind body balance that puts people back in the driving seat of quality and creativity.

Regular classes are known to build new pathways and longer lasting results in both health and happiness.

Corporate Meditation
At the heart of meditation is a place that allows for clarity and peace, To reach this place we must practice and practice some more.

Corporate Meditation is a doorway to understanding how stress is built up and stored in our minds and bodies, and how our minds can be the troublesome ingredient that needs to be tamed and understood.

And, in understanding our minds we can start to create a healthier me, relationships and communities as well as communication and output.

When leading corporate meditation sessions, be it for only one person or for crowds, I support people in finding
 a safe pace to get closer to mediation. My years of working with groups and communities, as well as knowing intimately the corporate arena, I focus on guiding people to  meditations as something doable.

Regular meditation is the only way to really get the absolute and ultimate benefits that most meditators rave about. It is only with regular practice that we can rewire and train our brains.

Corporate Specialized Programs and Events
Specialized Programs & Events
Weather you are looking to improve work welfare, environment and relationships or to just have one off taster sessions I create programs that are specialized to your company's needs.

From the shop floor to the boardroom I have the skills to work at all levels, to help you create a company environment that is creative, committed and productive.

I draw from many years of having worked in a corporate environment, having done many workshops and trainings.  I am now in a position of bringing my holistic training and corporate training together to create these specialized events/workshops.

From Urban retreats to facilitating one day sessions, I can bring a diversity of tools to establish a new way of working.