Events with DarshnaSiva
11:11:11 - Portal of Peace
Temezcal (Sweatlodge & Meditation)
Healing Hands

Satruday 3rd of November
North Sydney

The workshop is designed to bring more understanding, clarity and confidence in your use of energy for yourself, as well as allowing you to hold space for others.

The teaching comes from a combination of Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Shamanic Healing practices.

The workshop is designed to allow you to tap into your inner resources and understand how it works for you.

It is designed to be experiential rather than weighted down with words and manuals.

Sunday 11th of November
Swami's Retreat Centre
183 Pitt Town Road, Kenthurst
On the 11th of November 2018, we get triple the vibration of the master number energy. Within this, we have an opportunity to explore the dualities that keep us stuck in old thinking and behaving patterns.

We have within this portal of energy a gateway open that is ripe for inner transformation, using the heat of ancient rocks, fire to transform, earth to ground and water to help us sweat and cleanse we can bring the gateway to life within each cell of our being.

Working together we can build a harmonic field of resonance that allows itself to grow and magnify in the potency of creating deep and meaningful change.

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 NYE - Celebrate All That You Are Retreat

29th Dec to 2nd Jan 2019
Swami Retreat Centre

As we transition from an 11-year let us take a pause and evaluate how we mastered all that came and went in 2018.

The 11 energy is connected to the realms of Spirit and it has been about Self Mastery, overcoming our fears, lack, judgements and anything that is holding us back from living fully empowered within ourselves.

Using the last rays of this 11 energy this NYE we have an opportunity to step into the womb space and transform yet more before we step into another year of transition and change.

Using ancient and modern techniques drawn from yoga, meditation, movement and healing practices we will come together to release the built-up tension of the year in a harmonious, fun and celebratory way.

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