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I was born to educate, hold space and share space with you. If you have tripped onto this page it is no coincidence,  maybe it is a calling deep within to learn more about yourself to live the life you want?

Whatever brought you here might be your step into empowered living.

It's not always comfortable coming out of a comfort zone; the growth that comes from it is inexplicable and unimaginable. In these times of great change giving ourselves opportunities of time and exploration can lead to deep healing and understanding.

My love of doing workshops, retreats and training stems from being able to dive in deeper and spend more time connecting to the subject matter.

Bigger chunks of time spent together afford deeper understanding and embodiment, as well as an opportunity to meet and make new communities.

Having had many opportunities myslef to immerse into longer, deeper workshops, trainings and retreats, I made the decision long ago to create space for people in such ways, so they too could experience such amazing potentinal of their own minds, bodies and creative expressions.

In these offerings we will go to another a whole new level of discovery, fun and unfurling our true potential, without the rush of life's daily callings.

1st September
New Moon in Virgo ~ Solar Eclipse Meditation
11th September
Happy Hip Flexors Workshop
Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse
1st/2nd September 2016
9° Virgo 21’

Meditation and Sound Journey

The start of the eclipse season began on the 18th of August with a penumbral eclipse in Aquarius, eclipses bring with them strong energies of change and transformation depending on where they fall within out natal charts.

The Hip Flexor, or PSOAS muscle is the grumpiest muscle in your body.
Lying deep within the core of our bodies, the Psoas is now 'coming out' as being known to have much more than just a physical impact on our well being.
Who knew?

This will have real relevance if you have ever suffered:

* back pain
* sciatica
* inflexible hips
* digestive disorders
* nervous tension
* worry and anxiety

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