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Temazcal Information

Where & When
Saturday 16th of June 2018
Time: 11am to 4:00pm
Location: Swami's Retreat Centre, 183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst
Price: $108


June prepares the way for eclipse season come July & August to clear the passage come and join me for a Temazcal. Temazcal's come from an ancient healing tradition, as well as a way of life from the Mexhika Pactli tradition of Mexico. It is a place of deep healing and huge transformation where we leave and let go of old parts of ourselves to birth into a new way, skin.

With the post-new moon energies of the Gemini new moon will have some clarity as to how strong our mind stories are around specific areas of our lives.

We will open up a space to let go of those that hinder our growth and seed as well as nourish those that can help us take charge of our lives in the present moment.

Working with the earth on the earth helps us to ground, connect and remember our ancient connection with not just the earth the whole planet and solar systems within us.
Coming together we will offer songs, meditations, silence and healing, a powerful combination combined with the energies of the directions to help guide us.
With some exceptional astrology that is happening, we have the opportunity to tap into our innate wisdom as well as that offered by this ancient tradition to give us more clarity, peace of mind and lightness of soul for the changes that are coming.

**Important Information**

If you have any medical conditions please contact Darshna before booking in.
What to Wear in the Temazcal:
Wear a sarong/swimmers and/or shorts and t-shirt.

Please try to avoid wearing black.
After the Temazcal
Please bring a towel and please ensure you have warm clothing, including something to cover your head, some socks and long sleeves/trousers. It gets cool in Kenthurst; after the Temezcal it is very important to stay warm and snug.
You will need to take all your jewellery off so if you have anything valuable leave it at home or in a safe place before you come into the Temazcal.
Places are strictly limited in the Temazcal so you must register and pay fully to reserve your place.



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To secure your place please make your payment and send a payment receipt to darshna@darshnasiva.com

Payment Plans available on request by contacting Darshna on +61414970979

Temazcal Testimonial:

❤️Thankyou for holding such a joyous & deep space at the sweat lodge ceremony. It was a beautiful, relaxed, deeply nourishing and flowing journey that you guided us all through. I feel so much more energised than I expected, haha we created space! I went to this with childhood fears of dark and claustrophobia these were simply shed with the connection to the healing space offered and my deep connection to the transformative element of the fire and rocks used in the ceremony. The meditation space you offered was out of this world thank-you for putting in so much energy and love into your work it was felt on so many levels.  Kyla NSW