Life begins with you.

Are you ready to move from no choice to what do I choose?
Are you ready to have a healthy relationship with your mind, breath, body and emotions?
Are you ready to develop conscious emotional intelligence and create conscious change in all your life?

Step into Your Empowered Self

What are Conscious Emotional Interlligence and Conscsious Change?


Consciousness is the element that allows us to understand that we are empowered at all times and opens up the world of personal choice to us. In creating Conscious Change you are better equipped to have response-ability for all that you do, say and be.
When we create emotional intelligence we come to understand our emotional patterns and programs, especially those created in our early childhood years, from which we often still operate and create relationships, experiences and life. In creating consciousness around our emotional wellbeing we can drop the drama, quit the unhealthy decision-making and make real-time empowered conscious choices.

When we work together we work very closely with these elements to help guide you to a shift in perspective, reconciliation with the past and understanding of the present. This allows the current of energy to reflow and I can begin guiding you to feeling empowered in your mind, body, energy and life.
With this work we lay new foundations to build your new understanding of your mind, body and emotions, your needs and your perceptions.
Tools such as yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, energy healing and shamanic practices, as well as my own intuitive channelling, allow me to empathetically work with people from all parts of life, be it one-to-one, in private groups or in a corporate environment.

Tools for Life


Tools for life come from a variety of different teachings and experiences, when we practice and embody we have new learning, capacity and understanding of environment and ourselves.

Tools for life are based on some very beautiful old teachings from Yoga, Meditation, Mehika Pactli, and my own explorations, journeys and channelling the information from an energetic perspective.

They are based on practical doable things that can be implemented easily affording you the ability to establish change in a holistic healthy way. I call them tools for life because once learned you literally can apply them through out your life in different circumstances.

I look forward to guiding you into the dance of discovery, helping to unearth the patterns and programs and realize your true potential in all areas of your life.
Personalized Sessions
Online Programs
Corporate Services

Sometimes in life we need a helping hand, one that can be there for a duration of time to help us transition. These programs have been created to provide ongoing support through transitions of the mind, body and life.
Easily accessable online tools that can help transform, nurture and balance.

The programs contain tools that can become life long friends, once they have been embodied you have access to them forever.

Taking yoga and meditation into the corporate environments, I create specialized programs to suit your company's needs, drawing from my personal corporate workplace experience, as well as the tools and wisdom of yoga & meditation.

Format may vary depending on whether you are looking to improve work welfare and relationships through contiounous sessions, or wish to give your team a boost with a one off team building event or workshop.

One off taster sessions are also available.
Tailored individual sessions, group sessions and health in the work place solutions are all a part of the offerings available, through yoga, meditation, yoga therapy, energetic healing techniques and intuitive counselling.

Formats of sessions vary and are very much in alignment with your present needs, they are designed to help you consciously empower yourself by, helping you creating emotional intelligence, and choice.
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