A space to open our hearts to receive all that the universe has to offer.

9:30am to 13:30pm

Workshop Information.

Where & When
Sunday 10th of February
Time: 9:30pm -13:30pm

Venue:  The Yoga Shala
Level 1
157 Gordon Street
Port Macquarie

This beautiful workshop is centred on learning to receive the impulses of life, from our bodies, breath, emotions to the gifts that come and go and how we can connect with them through ease and grace.

So often in our world, we have not been taught to receive without an exchange, a burden or some form of IOU, when in actual fact the universe is way more generous and accommodating than that.

Or, we have been taught we are not worthy, good enough etc. etc. so that receiving is something that is not our natural entitlement. Add into this those of us who are super sensitive, or given roles as caretakers have no understanding that we could indeed receive just as others do.

In this liberating and inspiring workshop, we will explore

+ Our hang-up’s around receiving.
+ Our own concepts of what receiving means to us.
+ The value learning to receive adds in our life.
+ The many forms of receiving.
+ Learning to plant the seeds of receiving unconditionally.

Using movement, breath and awareness you will be guided to a new understanding of how abundant life can feel when we open ourselves to the grace of receiving.


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