Gain emotional freedom from childhood experiences
Forgive - Emobody - Empowered Self

Workshop Information.

Where & When
Sunday 6th of October 2019
Time:10:00am - 3:00pm

Venue: The Yoga Shala
Port Macquarie

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Are you aware of how much of your childhood might be controlling your present-day life?

We all have patterns and programs that were embedded from childhood experiences, as a result, our view of the world isn't necessarily free from the child within us.

It is designed to be experiential rather than weighted down with words and manuals.

The workshop is designed to bring more understanding, clarity and confidence in your life through understanding, releasing and embodying childhood experiences.

The teaching comes from years of self-exploration, learning and application as well as working with people over the years, healing areas where the emotional charge was causing issues in the present.

The workshop helps explore aspects within our emotional field and behaviour, gives you tools to work with and will leave you with less emotional baggage.

Emotional freedom from the patterns and programs of your past to live in the present fully.

Learn to embrace the past with compassion and forgiveness.

  • Embody the lessons learned.
  • Gain emotional freedom.
  • Find your authentic self and voice.
  • To create completion and fully step into the present with joy, surrender and empowerment.

Who should attend?
No previous experience is needed to work with this subject matter, everyone is welcome.

If you are venturing into new territory then this workshop will give you the confidence to understand yourself and even family patterns in a more enlightened way.


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