Learn to Meditate
6 week course

Course Information.

It’s common knowledge that Meditation is a tool that brings us closer to a quiet mind and a calm nervous system.

Us humans have spent most of our lives training our brain to efficiently process and store information, to be productive and to always be ON.
It’s no wonder it’s so hard to switch OFF a busy brain.

During this 6-week course, we will re-align your expectations (of yourself, your brain AND your ability to “get” meditation), and compassionately move through the challenges of being able to just sit and be, using:

  • - Some movement to release the tension in the body
  • - Breath to connect and calm the nervous system
  • - Silence to allow our minds and bodies to come in to a place of space, quiet, and awareness.  
In this 6 week course you will get the chance to learn different techniques and learn how to:

  • Release physical tension.
  • Breathe more consciously.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Sleep better.
  • Be more conscious of your thoughts.
  • Allow the mind to come to a place of peace and quite.

From the 6 weeks you will walk away with tools that you can use daily, face life challenges with more confidence and empowerment.

Who should attend?
The course is suitable for total beginners and meditators alike, it can be the starting point or a refresher in getting back to meditation.

Ideal for people who are new to Meditation, or have previously struggled to get it.


Ideal For:
Stress Heads
Busy People
People with illness and/or chronic conditions
Heady people with thought overload
Corporate High Flyers

Where & When
Tuesday 18th of July to 22nd of August 2017
Time:10am -11:30am

Woronora Sailing Club in Prince Edward Park
Prince Edward Park Rd (Opposite Woronora RSL)

Payment Details:
Name: DarshnaSiva
BSB: 923100
Account: 33511393  

Amount: $180
Description: 6 week meditation course Woronora

To secure your place please make your payment and send a payment receipt to: darshna@darshnasiva.com


6 Week Meditation Course - Woronora