Some guidance and information on what you might witness or experince as well as some self care tips around these times.

Meurcy Retrograde Meaning

How it impacts you

Mercury is the planet of communication, in mythology Mercury was the messenger. All things related to communication come into the domain of Mercury therefore at a time when the planet looks like it is in a backward motion to the earth we have some opportuntiy for confusion.

Depending on which sign of the zodiac the retreograde lands in will impact on how it impacts us, this and where in your natal chart it happens all have a bearing on what happens for you.

Mercury rules the mind, all things mind related can suddenly be more prononced.
Commuication creates our reality what we think and speak we make happen, so in a time of a Mercury retrograde we have opportunity to fine tune our thoughts and words.

Strange things can start to happen around technology, it's said that a retrograde it not the best time to upgrade or buy new technolog.

Missing meetings, appointments, flights and the like is also quite common. Check and double check details on travel and/or appointments.

Check the finer details into any contracts you engage in at this time, small print becomes essentail to know around a Merury retrograde.

Best Practices

Stay grounded -  it's good to do a daily walk in nature, if no nature close by just go for a walk by yourself and do so in a mediative way.
Reflect - Essential in the time of Mercury as it is all about our way of thinking, we will get clues and repear scenarios to remind us where we need to do some internal reflection.
Breathe before you speak - It's easy to just blurt out or project, if you just do 3 inhales and exhales your mind will settle a little to give you space to articulate meaningfully

Where in the Zodiac? - Find out where the retorgrade is falling and you'll know where to focus your energies.
Don't take it personally - A lot of truths can become apparant around these retorgrades, try and step back from any conversations BEFORE you react. It might not be all about you!
Tie up the loose ends - It's an awesome time to shine a spotlight on things that need completionl, particularly if you are a writer, communicator, teacher of some sort. Getting the word out might need some word time reflections.
Mediation - the essential tool for life everyday day in every way. It takes practice, practice and more practice yet it is so powerful that no words can give you an entire explanation or experience. It will help you feel calmer and more connected.
Using mediation tools or going to classes is a great way to get started!

Have Patience - Yes really try and allow for some divine timing, a retrograde slows things down, so trying to push at something or someone, is pushing against the grain. Wait more information might be revelead.

Double Check - Read the fine print, question if it needs to be done now and check, check CHECK all the details. Especailly travel as it can be chaotic around these retriogrades.

BACK IT UP - Regular back-ups of all your data will save you so much time and even a little heartache and stress. All things technical go a little crazy around Merccury retrograde, although not the time to update your equipment its the best time to do some house keeping before it fully sets in.