New Moon Meditation - Moon in Aries
Monday 27th March 2017
7pm to 8:30pm
at Kris Baum Photography Studio

The new moon in Aries falls on the 28th at 2:57pm.

Aries is the sign of the Ram and known as the first sign of the zodiac, we have fresh new start with the new moon in the fire sign, with Venus retrograde parked in Aries aided by Sun, Moon, Uranus and Mercury are all parked here helping to create some dynamic energies to blast your way forward into new beginnings.

To celebrate new beginnings we need to come up with some creative ways of seeing our worth and our priorities.

There are some squares which always create a bit of tension, the tension engages us to seek ways to uncover the hidden truths of our desires.

With an up and coming Mercury Retrograde it's a time to contemplate how what we ask for creates out reality

Come step into the space of the fiery moon's energies by sharing space and creative a new outlook to what is really your burning desire.

Uncover the hidden, let go of the baggage.

Kris Baum Photography Studio
143 Beattie Street,
Sydney NSW

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Donation: $25

We are limited in space so please be kind and considerate to confirm your spot as it saves someone else missing out.

Facilitated By: Darshna Siva
For many years now Darshna has been offering New Moon Meditations as a gateway for setting intention and shedding the excess baggage that stop's our truest manifesting skills. Using her myriad of talents Darshna combines channeling with the medicine drum and visioning to guide you through the planting of the seeds each new moon. Yoga & meditation teacher as well as a shamanic healer Darshna has been holding space for people ever since she took a leap of faith onto this path.

"Darshna has the most beautiful presence. Her energy and intention is pure and delivered in an educated and enlightened way. I am from a University background working in corporate and now in a rural environment. I was able to understand and be taken on a journey with Darshna, which I didn't know was possible. Meeting Darshna was like meeting an old friend." – Samantha NSW