New Moon Meditation - Moon in Gemini
Friday 26th May 2017
7pm to 8:30pm
Location Heart Space Manor, Bondi Junction

The new moon in Gemini falls on the 26th at 5:44am.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury which rules the mind, this moon has no major aspects that ring alarm bells for us however, deep sigh there are some minor aspects that will unearth some irritations. Linked to love and money we could have something arise needing our attention to change in these areas. As with all these lunations the only things that come up, are the ones that need addressing as they are the ones holding us back!

Gemini is also a mutable sign, this signals change as mutable means changeable.
With May having had us not knowing which way is up this new moon could not be more appropriate. 

The Gemini moon will have us wanting to get chatty and talk it over, it's the socialite of the zodiac and can be a bit flighty.

Be wary of your thoughts as these will be the ones that turn into your reality.

With this in mind we have opportuntiy to come together celebrate and recalibrate our minds to come in alignment with our deepest desires.
The twin energies of Gemini can be potent creators given the right guidance, nurturing and faith.

If you're ready to unleash your creative force, face your fears and reprogramme the monkey mind, there is no better place than this collective space.

Heart Space Manor,

45 Oxford Street,
Bondi Junction
Sydney NSW

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Donation: $25

Facilitated By: Darshna Siva
For many years now Darshna has been offering New Moon Meditations as a gateway for setting intention and shedding the excess baggage that stop's our truest manifesting skills. Using her myriad of talents Darshna combines channeling with the medicine drum and visioning to guide you through the planting of the seeds each new moon. Yoga & meditation teacher as well as a shamanic healer Darshna has been holding space for people ever since she took a leap of faith onto this path.

"Darshna has the most beautiful presence. Her energy and intention is pure and delivered in an educated and enlightened way. I am from a University background working in corporate and now in a rural environment. I was able to understand and be taken on a journey with Darshna, which I didn't know was possible. Meeting Darshna was like meeting an old friend." – Samantha NSW