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  New Moon in Leo - Temezcal & Meditation

23rd July 2017

 New Moon in Leo Retreat
Temezcal &  Meditation
23rd July 2017

Ancestral Healing ~ Reclaiming ~ Empowering

A place to shed the skins of discontent, heal ancestral wounds and reclaim your inner power.

In such powerful times we need to take some powerful steps.

The new moon in Leo is yet another step and reminder, to find our inner power of play, creativity and self acknowledgement, so often we are held back by beliefs and ideals that don't even belong to us.

So often we falter on our path because we mistrust or, we are subjected to judgement of another.

The New Moon in Leo is the second in a series, shortly followed by a Full Moon/Eclipse in Leo we are literally being pushed to understand the strength, agiligty and capability we have within us. With the North Node also in Leo you could say Leo season is well and truly ON.
Leo is the sign of the Lion, empowered and confident we need to step into our new realities with less of the old baggage. This moon will help us seed those seeds of trust and belief in who are so we can create that which we dream of.

To celebrate this heart opening I am offering a Temezcal from the ancient tradidtions of the Mexhika's. A Temezcal is a place where we go to be re-born, a place where we can shed our skins and birth a new beginning. Where we can connect to ancient wisdom that can guide us to wellbeing, heart-opening and ultimately to our truth.

We will share food after and complete the moon offerings with a meditation to seal the promises we make to ourselves within the Temezcal.

This is powerful work that allows you to step into your power, with consciousness and creativity. Sharing in a group environment further heightens the potency of the work.

Date: 23rd of July
Location: Swami's Retreat Centre, 183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst
Price: $108

What to Wear in the Temezcal:
Please bring a towel
Wear a sarong/swimmers and/or shorts and t-shirt.

After the Temezcal
Please ensure you have warm clothing, including something to cover your head, some socks and long sleeves/trousers. It gets cool in Kenthurst; after the Temezcal it is very important to stay warm and snug.

Arrival/Departure Information
Arrive by at 12:30pm
Finish by 8:30pm

***Places are strictly limited in the Temezcal so you must register and pay fully to reserve your place.***

Price includes the Temezcal and Meditation + Food.

Payment Details:
Account Name: DarshnaSiva BSB: 923100 - Account: 33511393 - Please put your name in the description and New Moon Leo Temezcal.

Important: Email your payment receipt to: with your name and contact details, please also state clearly if you have any medical conditions I need to know about before entering the Temezcal.


Meet your host Darshna Siva

The retreat is facilitated by Darshna Siva, a yoga and yoga therapy facilitator, mediation teacher, energy healer and intuitive counsellor. With over 10yrs worth of realtime experience faciliting for individuals and groups Darshna guides you to a place of sacred silence, relaxation and deep inner healing. Her ability to read the energy and hear on the airwaves your needs, as well as hold a open and loving space allows you to rest deeply and peacefully, full accepted and empowered to make the right choices for you, be it in a yoga pose or any other decision you undertake.

Darshna's gift is making you feel comfortable as you, she is inspired by nature, nurture and the many tools she has been gifted through out her journey. She acknowleges that these days there is little time for ourselves in our hectic routines and lives, creating this retreat and the space within it is her way of gifting back the power of nurture to you. One small drop can have a huge ripple effect and this could be the beginning of such a ripple.

For more information on Darshna Siva head to