Personal Vision Quest for 2018

A New Dawn ~ A New Way for your life in 2018
So often we get caught up in the day to day living of life that we forget what it is to be in the flow and be true to our hearts.

2018 will see some very new energies coming into play on the planet, as we are already being made aware much needs to change in the way we humanity, interacts with itself and the planet.

 So often we do that New Year’s Eve thing of setting wishes, goals in a rush, often dropping some or all even before January of the New Year has ended. Often we feel we have missed the opportunity and that we have no control over how we can steer the ship called life.

With 2018 just around the corner this offering of a Personal Vision Quest has come through to guide those that are ready to make some real changes a a rite of passage, not through the usual meanderings of our wild minds, but through some solid steps that can truly support real change.

Questing is not a generalised thing, it is personal and very unique to each individual that undertakes it, it is not just about manifesting for we are doing that all the time. It is more about understanding one-self from deep within, finding the power paths to undertake the changes and build the new foundations.

Questing can, when it is guided in a sacred way help us shift perspectives as well as bring us to the true roads we need to travel, rather than be caught up in the maelstrom of what is deemed 'normal' and the only way.

Old techniques being used in the modern world in a relevant way to create the changes we all wish to see in the world.

Vision Quest Information

In ancient traditions a Vision Quest is a sacred ceremony that you undertake to find out more about yourself, and often more about your path.

These quests are not undertaken lightly as they hold powerful transforming capabilities if the person is ready for the changes. Regardless of how big or small, there will for sure be a change.
Vision Quests are a part of a inner journey, usually done in silence and in nature, they are a way to commune with our higher self in order to remove obstacles of the mind that limit us and our beliefs of:

  • Who we are
  • What we are capable off
  • How much we already know

 It is an exciting and amazing opportunity to be allowing you this space and time to journey deep within, to trace the footsteps back to your hearts calling.

The offering:

  • Opening up a sacred space to invite the journey within.
  • Release mind blockades that limit self-belief and courage.
  • Freeing your creative spirit to weave and seed.
  • Connecting with your spirit guides/totems.
  • Setting Intention clearly

Who is this for?
Anyone who is ready to make some bold changes in their life around how you wish to create in 2018.

If you are committed to making some real effort into living life in an effortless way this quest will open up channels and invite this flow.

If you are venturing into new territory then this personal vision quest will give you the confidence to understand and work better with your own energies, creating the openings and spaces for you to shine and be abundant in life, as well as be more aware and confident in stepping into the new life you wish to create.


How do I join?

  • First we connect via Skype/Zoom or phone, this free 30min assessment will confirm if you are really ready to do the work, and whether we can actually do the work together.

  • If its a heartfelt YES from both sides we will make the necessary arrangements to book in your day(s) and time (s).

  • This quest if open to anyone, if you are abroad we can still activate the quest for you, using technology as our medium.

  • The cost of the Personal Vision Quest will vary depending on how much you wish to deepen the passage.

If you are Ready!

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