Why personalize?
Family Sessions
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The best results for long term health and well being require focus and attention.  Within these tailored sessions we are not working rigidly but honing in on the needs of your mind, body, and emotions as they present themselves.

During Personalized Sessions we may use tools such as:
Boundary setting
Self Observation
Conscious Emotional intelligence
Holistic Communication
And much more.

Each session is an exploration to remove patterns and programs creating self limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships and discomfort in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Using ancient and modern wisdom to cleanse, clear and empower you to a healthier state of being we look to guide you back to the true essence of YOU, in a grounded, balanced and lighter way. These sessions are designed to regain your trust in your own body, mind and wisdom to make empowered choices within your life and its many diversities.

Breaking down the patterns and programs that no longer serve, that disempower, and that stagnate your true essence.

Each session is guided by your true needs, allowing for a deeper transformation and truer healing. Where needed we will use tools to empower you further on a day to day basis, creating a platform for a practice and change that is longer lasting, more grounded and easier to trust.

We draw upon many tools, including intuitive channelling, bodywork, visualisations, energy healing, mantra, mudra and many more, to guide you through each session to resolve issues in the mind, body and emotions, so you can come back home the real essence of you.
Regular sessions are known to build new pathways and longer lasting results in both health and happiness.

As most of the patterns and programs arise from our conditioning in growing up, these sessions are designed to help break down unhealthy interactions and place foundations for healthier interactions. Using some innovative ways of looking at our needs, our responses and the outcomes in the family unit we start to undo patterns and programs that are creating friction, restriction and unhealthy relationship(s).

During Family Sessions we use tools such as:
Holistic communication
Boundary setting
Body language and movement
Observing the me, myself and I
Understanding expectation(s) vs discernment

Once we have these tools we can improve not just our family relationships, most of these can be applied to all relationships.

These sessions become priceless in taking the stress out, relieving the feeling of being helpless and alone as well as diffusing the emotional charge to allow for a fresher perspective and healthier relationships.

Within these sessions we may work individually and together, everything depends on the dynamic, the pace and the commitment the unit sets.

Each phase of work will bring to the surface core belief systems, values and understanding from a personal perspective. The work together initiates a sacred space in which each person can be heard and seen, without feeling judged, ignored or abandoned.

Melinda Szentesi - Accountant NSW
Since I first met with Darshna and with her magic(healing sessions and yoga classes) the quality of my life has improved a lot... it has been an amazing journey and still continues:-))) It is hard to put into words what I have been experiencing....all the care, love and positiveness what I am receiving from her...  I think the best way to describe it is being a new born baby, looking and wandering around with wide open eyes... then you start to learn... and learn... and learn... So thank you so so so so so much my Darling Darshna!!!!!

Lewin de la Motte, Holistic - Counseller NSW
My experience of Mexihka Pactli Sweatlodge was a powerful profound healing experience. It was insightful yet challenging, blissful and nurturing. I'm so glad I found this wonderful gem of a healing centre in Sydney! Darshna is an amazing and highly intuitive healer and I can recommend her work to anyone interested in healing / self development.

Chris Smith - Retired Nurse USA
Thank you Darsh for quickening the River of Life within me - not to mention doing a 4-hr travel House Call. Unrivalled among practitioners! Humbled.