Escape the mayhem of life to reclaim some time and inner space
Rest - Restore - Heal

Workshop Information.

Where & When

Sunday 15 of December 2019

Time: 2 PM - 4 PM

Venue: Seva Yoga
142 Victoria Road
North Parramatta

As we come closer to Christmas the stress and strains of the year start to show up.

Hence I am offering this beautiful gathering which is all about receiving, through the beautiful slow movement of yoga, breathwork and meditation we will unwind layers of stress and toxins accumulated in our minds and bodies.

Then we will unwind even further, this is where the real healing gets going, through a guided yoga nidra that takes the body and mind into the deepest states of relaxation.

For 2 hours we will have no concern with to-do lists, other people or any other drama that may be playing out in life.

Taking this time out will allow you to dissolve and melt and come home to your true authentic nature of stillness and calm.

So why not gift yourself this magical moment in time?

A gift of lasting healing and inner peace.

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