Self Care Foundations
Self Care Foundations

Is it time to look after you?

Is it always about others or other things in your life?

Does time sweep you away? with to-do lists, chores and the hectic pace of just day to day living,
sometimes in a bubble and sometimes so hectic, you forget who you are.

Are you over it?

Are you willing to invest in some ME time?

Are you ready to reclaim your Body, Mind, Emotional Well Being and Your Choices?

Ready to know more?
The tools this course will give you:
  • Tools to keep engaged in looking after yourself.
  • Support your health and well-being.
  • Leave you feeling more balanced and at ease, with more energy.
  • Create mind-body awareness.
  • You will feel better about your choices.
  • Leave you with more choices, to manage your emotional expectations and impact on others.
  • Leave you thinking differently about how you treat yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Give you the freedom to be yourself.
Self Care Foundations
This program is a foundation for lifelong connectivity to your unique self. At the heart of this 4-week commitment is understanding, connectivity, growth and embodied wisdom with the bonus of letting go of any excess baggage and lifelong tools that will carry on working where ever you are and whenever you need them.

Week 1 - Exploring the body.

In these days of technology and media hype, we are very much removed from our own physical bodies, except when we have pain, an accident or illness. This first week is all about reconnecting with your body in a healthy and loving way, as well as rekindling the connection with a deeper understanding. Letting go of restrictions, barriers and any brainwashing we've had.

Week 2 - Exploring the Mind.

I often say 'Stay out of your mind, it's a dangerous place'.  The brain is a muscle that is trainable. Before we can retrain it, we need help to understand our connection to it, as well as how some of the programs are running within it. This week's exploration is understanding how we can find ways to come to a more clear and calm neutral mind with ease.

Week 3  - Exploring the Emotions.

We're not really taught to express in a holistic way, most of us have been restrained from expressing at a young age, this continues into life and hence we have a minefield. This week we will dive into how we can be empowered to express ourselves emotionally in a holistic way leading to more freedom of expression.

Week 4 - Integrating Experiences.

This week is unique. We will dive into one emotive topic and get to know how it is playing out, how we can come to peace with it and why it is OK to feel how we feel and LET GO. Making peace with the past is a sure footing to living in the present; learning to integrate gives us choice and empowerment.

Included in the Package

  1. self care
    Each week's meditation will help you explore at a deeper level, giving valuable insights into the theme of the week as you are guided to connect deeper.
  2. self care
    A Journal
    A journal to record your explorations and help you gain more understanding of what is beneath the surface in each section. An incredibly powerful tool to shed light.
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Diving Deeper

There will be the opportunity for you to connect with Darshna for more personal exploration of each weeks topic in a 1-to-1 session online.
Why would I need more sessions?

Sometimes an experience has been stagnant for many years, one week of exploring might not be enough to shift and sooth it.
What's entailed in the extra sessions?

This depends on what your needs are, as we tailor to your needs as they arise, rather than do standard prescriptions.
How do I book the extra sessions?

Either let Darshna know in your 1-to-1, or contact her by phone or email.