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Session Pricing Guide
  1. Incorporated in the Price
    Sessions incorporate sound and tested methods proven to help the mind, body and emotions, the prices incorporate using tools such as yoga, meditations techniques, breathing, integrated bodywork and much more. The amount of time we have, the issue of concern and Darshna's intuitive radar drive how the session unfolds and what tools need to be applied. At times a home practice may be advised, the individual session price for 1.5hrs and 2hrs includes creating a practice and delivery of this should it be required as well as one phone call/email check-up on the practice.
  2. Session Prices Explained
    The sessions can be booked in 1hr, 1.5hr or 2hr slots, each time slot determines the amount and depth we can dive into the issue at hand. The longer the time the more we can explore, release and reset, it really is that simple. Skype & Phone sessions are also available and can be booked as single or package sessions. In order to create new foundations it takes time to lay them and allow them to set in, the deeper work requires more time and more exploration. Conscious Emotional Intelligence and Conscious Change are embodied with patience and practice over time with committed investment of our personal time and energy.
  3. Packaging Sessions
    Packages allow for more time and set intentions, they give you the opportunity to gain clarity and commitment to creating long term Conscious Change and Conscious Emotional Intelligence, in working together longer we create: Accountability Clarity Long term results Packages include on going support via email, phone and text through out the packaged sessions, how many will be determined by the nature of the package and issue we are working with.

Additional Services

Family Sessions



Cost for Family Sessions depend on the content, group size and session layout as well as the number of sessions booked. Please contact me to discuss.

Cost for corporate sessions depend on content, group size and program layout. Please contact me to individually discuss.
Cost forĀ  Personalized, Family and Corporates Packages are avaialbe, please contact me to discuss.


If you still have further questions on pricing of sessions please contact Darshna via the contact page.