Winter Solstice Yoga & Meditation Circle
Wednesday 21st June
7pm to 8:30pm
Location: Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, Annandale

Winter Solstice is a time of coming back in, reflection and recognition of what has been and, what may come to pass.

This close to a super new moon, the energies are super charged.

If you have a calling to come together, do some reflecting on your life, year, day so far, a calling to come back to the womb space and gather your strength, a calling to dream the dreams to weave some magic for a new birthing then come join me.

I'll be opening up sacred space on the 21st weaving in Yoga, Meditation and some Solstice dreaming for those who want to journey.

There is a powerful alignment for this Summer/Winter Solstice, one that will be a massive wave of energy coming through the portal of our world and lives, bringing yet more change, unearthing and self discovery.
Summer is celebration in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter is the letting go, coming within seeding.
Summer is life.
Winter is death.
To help tap into this immense portal opening I'm opening up my class tomorrow to celebrate the Solstice in the most beautiful way, some movement, some ceremony and a deep going within to meditate on those spaces that are filled with nothing, that hold the potential for everything.

Date: 21st June 2017

Annandale Neighbourhood Centre,

79 Johnston Street,
Sydney NSW

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Donation: $25

Facilitated By: Darshna Siva
For many years now Darshna has been offering New Moon Meditations as a gateway for setting intention and shedding the excess baggage that stop's our truest manifesting skills. Using her myriad of talents Darshna combines channeling with the medicine drum and visioning to guide you through the planting of the seeds each new moon. Yoga & meditation teacher as well as a shamanic healer Darshna has been holding space for people ever since she took a leap of faith onto this path.

"Darshna has the most beautiful presence. Her energy and intention is pure and delivered in an educated and enlightened way. I am from a University background working in corporate and now in a rural environment. I was able to understand and be taken on a journey with Darshna, which I didn't know was possible. Meeting Darshna was like meeting an old friend." – Samantha NSW