New Moon in Virgo ~ Solar Eclipse
Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse
1st/2nd September 2016
9° Virgo 21’

Meditation and Sound Journey
With Darshna Siva  accompanied by  Prabhu Osoniqs

There is great power to be harnassed when our celluar bodies pulse as one heart beat.

Meditation and Sound Journey to empower the soul
The start of the eclipse season began on the 18th of August with a penumbral eclipse in Aquarius, eclipses bring with them strong energies of change and transformation depending on where they fall within out natal charts.

So lets come together to harness these amazing energies of the Virgo new moon to pay attention to where we need focus on the detail of our lives to create the expansion, growth and abundance we dream whilst offering ourselves in service for the greater good of all.

Jupiter the planet of expansion will move into Virgo around the time of the new moon giving us the capacity to vision big our here and now, that will weave into the fabric of our future.

A solar eclipse at 9° is yet another sign that this year is really all about letting go, letting go, LETTING GO. The number 9 is the number of completion; we are in a nine-year in a nine-month with a new moon/eclipse, the bells ringing loud and clear.

Using these energies we’ll work towards freeing ourselves, from all that no longer serves, so that we can shine brighter, be happier and feel more connected within ourselves as well as to each other and our wider communities.  This is an amazing period in the evolution of our planet and each sharing that brings us together sets the scene for more peace and harmony to resonate into the world.

To complete the sharing we have the amazing Prabhu Osoniqs lending us his sound wisdom to take us deeper, ground us and relax us enough so that we can meet the transformations we desire in a more grounded and peaceful way.

Doors will open at 6:45pm please be on time as we will close the doors just after 7pm.

Darshna Siva – Darshna has been holding space, leading meditations and working with moon energies for many years now. A gifted space holder she channels intuitively into the cosmic energies and group energies to help understand and embody our true desires and dreams. Darshna teaches yoga and mediation as well as being a practitioner of intuitive holistic therapies, using her many, many years of working with individuals and groups Darshna understands the art of creating a grounded and sacred space for all to receive what they need in their journey of life.

Prabhu Osoniqs – Is a gifted musician and space holder who brings our inner and outer spaces to life through his sharing of sound and silence. Prabhu has been holding space for meditation circles using sound for many years now, he also plays and teaches how to play the Hang and is involved in many other projects including Sound Samadhi the kirtan group.

Date: 1st September 2016
Time 7pm to 8:30pm
Cost: $25
Students: $20.
Location: Location: OneSpace HQ – 66 Bondi Road, Bondi.

As we wish no one to miss out if finances are what may keep you away from this gathering please contact me to discuss options.


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