Yoga & Meditation

Darshna offers unique insight, using yoga and meditation, in how we hold information, experiences, tension and stress through our minds and bodies, using this information we can understand how we create the experiences we have in life. Based on a Hatha practice each time we step onto the mat the session will be different, owing to the fact that we feel different each practice will honour that and allow us to open our minds and bodies to their highest potential. After each session you leave feel refreshed, calm and centred in both mind and body.

From her many years practicing many different forms of yoga, teaching and working with people at a mind/body/emotion level Darshna's practice has evolved into a more precise approach to listening to the more subtle needs of all three. In creating organic practices she allows for each person to have their own individual experience at the highest level possible for them.

Bringing in meditation as a part of the practice allows us to experience the different states of our mind and how we can deal with what is arising, sometimes with action sometimes with no action. In incorporating both the physical and mental states we allow Darshna creates a more grounded and rounded experience for all, allowing the bodies own unique healing capabilities to kick in.
Each session is geared to hit the right spot and create a mind body balance that puts you back in the driving seat of quality and creativity.
Regular classes are known to build new pathways and longer lasting results in overall health and happiness.

Individual, Group & Workplace

Now a proven tool in bringing mind body balance as well as clarity Yoga and Meditation are priceless tools in our modern day lives. The benefits are in reality countless the only commitment required is regularity.

Individual Sessions - Are tailored to meet the needs of your mind and body, weather it is general well being or working with a condition, injury or illness, each session will provide a foundation for your return to health.

Workplace Sessions - Health and wellness are huge topics for the modern day workplace; so much productivity is lost through sickness both short term and long term that employers are realizing more resilient solutions are needed. Workplace yoga and meditation are a combined source of understanding our minds body relationship in all areas of our live. In the workplace these amazing tools can help shift lethargy, and stagnation to clarity and purpose. These can be employer or employer/employee initiatives.

Group Sessions - Tailored classes to meet the needs of the mind and body, bringing relief, rest whilst building strength and awareness. The classes are open to all levels and we allow for the bodies needs by having many options in one pose. Everything leads our practice finishing feeling balanced and blissful.

How do Yoga and Meditation Work?
The physical aspect of yoga is to bring our bodies back to a state of balance and strength as well as bring our awareness back to our bodies. Injuries, accidents and health issues are prevalent due to our lack of awareness of the signals of the bodies. In yoga we learn to communicate with the body and breath to recreate the understanding of how our bodies operate and can change with the right effort, instruction and awareness.

Meditation is the jewel in the crown of all yoga, its purposes is are many however, in our fast paced electronic lives it brings us back to a place of calm, clarity and peace.

Yoga and Meditation can bring to your life some very visible changes in the body, the mind and the breath, when these practices are committed to and regular we build a platform of longer lasting change and union (yoga).

Be it as a individual, group or in the workplace ALL classes take into consideration the energy of your mind and body at the time it is on the mat. We take into consideration the state of the body to ensure you get the best physical practice and the most grounded practice and we add in breathing and meditation to get to understand the mind and breath on a more personal and deeper level, allowing for a bigger transformation on all levels.

Key Benefits of a regular Yoga and Meditation practice:

  • Builds strength of Mind & Body.
  • Creates clarity of mind.
  • Clams the nervous system.
  • Aids better digestion, circulation and breathing.
  • Creates flexibility of the mind and body.
  • Better understanding of the mind, body and emotions
  • Helps create a sense of self and community
  • Promotes long lasting health.
  • Builds better realtionships.
  • Longer lasting results with a regular practice.

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